Woven Collapsible Rice Belly Baskets

  • $ 20.00

An essential multipurpose storage container with a collapsible top half for a more compact form and easy stacking.

Traditionally, this basket has been used to carry rice from field to market. The salt water reed is sustainably harvested, flattened by hand press, then dyed and woven by village artisans in the community center and in their homes. 

  • handmade by artisans in Vietnam
  • large: 14" h x 17" (center diameter) 14" (opening diameter)
  • medium: 12" h x 14" (center diameter) 11" (opening diameter)
  • small: 10" h x 11.5" (center diameter) 8" (opening diameter)
  • mini: 9" h x 8" (center diameter) 6" (opening diameter)
  • may have slight variations in design and size as this is a one-of-a-kind handmade product

These baskets are amongst a group of handcrafted products providing continuity of training and employment for women and families. The natural materials that inspire the designs are combined with traditional handcrafting skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, and are indigenous to these regions.