Willaby Essential Hooded Towel Undyed

  • $ 48.00

A breathable, quick-drying white towel for baby and beyond, with a hood to keep little heads warm and dry. Four layers of gauze make this towel thick enough to be absorbant, while lightweight enough to take up less space in the washing machine, on the shelf, and in the suitcase. Most hooded towels are a diamond shape, but this one is a triangle, which means extra width for wrapping.

Puckers with washing
Measures 76” at widest point pre-wash, approx. 72” post-wash

+ 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
+ Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low.
+ Designed and sewn in Georgia

The puckered state of gauze is achieved with washing and drying. Launder your gauze item in a cold, delicate cycle and tumble dry low. Voilà, you have puckered gauze! The weave of the fabric will appear flat prior to washing, will pucker up with laundering, and may continue to pucker up more with the next wash and dry--achieving the appearance you see in our product photos. (We include this information on an insert with each product.)