Moss & Fawn Foliage Feeder (2 colors)

  • $ 20.00

Each Forage Feeder includes:

  •  3 tops in 3 different sizes (3-6 months, 6-10 months, and 10+ months)
  •  Booklet with care instructions and filling ideas
  •  100% cotton bag for storing Forage Feeder 
  •  Made of safe non-toxic food grade silicone
  •  Tested free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and Lead 


  • Easy to clean and durable 
  • Open handle makes it easy to hold
  • Introduce new foods without the risk of choking
  • Promotes self-feeding 
  • Soothing on sore, swollen gums and relieves teething pain


The silicone nipple has small holes allowing your little one to try new foods without the risk of choking, the forage feeder also helps teach them self feeding skills early on. Fill the nipple with frozen foods and they can use the cold to help alleviate the pains of teething. Each forage feeder comes with a cotton bag and cap making it easy to take on the go!