Nanchen Natur Doll Pink Cap

Nanchen Natur Doll Pink Cap

  • $ 25.00

Color : pink

Material : organic terry cotton, face and arms in jersey cloth
Size : 18 cm

With a smiling carefully hand-painted face, this adorable and incredibly soft doll will quickly become your little one's best friend.The terry material, which is soft, is perfect for baby to wipe and/or rub his/her face on it, without irritating his/her sensitive skin. The pastel color and minimalist details makes this doll one of a kind, and with it's little arms and legs stuffed with wool  baby can give it plenty of cuddles! It's small size allows it to easily accompany your baby everywhere.
Along side with it's softness, it's little bonnet will make everyone fall in love!

Nanchen Natur has been hand-making since 1983 dolls for babies in order to to bring happiness and joy to the everyday lives of little ones with soft materials and a design to stimulate ther senses. Dolls to play with, snuggle against, to grip onto... the perfect dolls for all little ones.