LexyPexy Wylie Teething Toy

  • $ 26.00

Who said “healthy fats?” Yes, please! This fun, delicious, and good-for-you fruit (it’s not a vegetable!) is a wonderful, versatile food for little people still waiting on their teeth. Our version is a tasty little California variety that’s always ripe, and definitely organic: no chemicals or toxins here! Our maple wood avocado is not only made from all-natural and sustainable materials, but is also naturally non-splintering and anti-bacterial. The intricate design is permanently etched into the wood, featuring both the front and back details of the avocado. Each piece is hand-finished, sanded smooth, and stamped with the LexyPexy logo and the words 'Made in NYC'. For the times you can’t whip up a bowl of guac or (surprisingly delicious!) chocolate mousse...we’ve got you covered.