Ozma of California


OZMA is an independent, female owned and operated women’s clothing collection marked by its elevated minimalist approach to laid-back California style. The brand’s foundation of modernized nostalgia reimagines classic pieces through a unique filter of uncomplicated beauty. Paired-back, playfully tomboyish styling, and vintage-influenced utility are all voiced carefully in designs that are feminine, clean, and tailored. Our seasonal collections tell stories of free-spirited travels and of OZMA’s beloved home, California. OZMA focuses on sustainably sourced, natural textiles that celebrate the beauty of irregularities in color and fiber.  An integral part of our process and appeal, we believe that variation is beauty.

Inspired by vintage originals we love, our effortless silhouettes take form through these high quality natural textiles, to shape a refined collection made to go anywhere. We take pride in the quality and care put into our garments. OZMA is ethically produced in California.

Founded in 2015, OZMA is designed and owned by Heidi Baker.  

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